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Lou's Face I'm excited to announce that I'm starting out as a new "paid" writer; obviously, I've been writing for many years.

Please peruse my website and get to know me and my writing, hopefully you will like my style and feel comfortable with me to handle your writing needs.

I'm available for hire, I am at your service...

Please contact me at this email address. Thank you:


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I'll be adding more examples of my work over time.

About Me

Lou 'n 22    Quill 'n Ink

USS Benjamin Stoddert DDG-22
Midway Island
'Circa 1972'
Vietnam Vet
US Navy Service: 1968-1972
Radioman 2nd Class E-5
Honorable Discharge
Combat Action
Meritorious Unit Commendation
National Defense
Vietnam Campaign with 3 Bronze Campaign Stars
Gallentry Cross
Viet Nam Service

USN Ribbons

USN Pin     Honorable Discharge Pin

How I Came to Write

During the years I was in college, I had several professors tell me that I was a good writer; yeah (humbly), I believed I was, but never thought I was good enough to do so as a career, and as such, never even considered or gave it a passing thought... go figure.

So... I worked 24 years doing accounting. I also did computer work having learned more than 20 programming languages, including mainframe, and I even learned to operate a mainframe computer.

In college, we had to participate on discussion boards and write two or three paragraphs for the class assignments. We also had to comment on at least one to three other students' writings, with substantive content; and not using responses like: "very good", "I agree with you", or, "you really nailed it"... you needed to respond with two to three paragraphs with good content and "why" you liked or disliked it... as such, it caused me to become anally retentive on Facebook, as it was, and continues to be difficult for me to exercise brevity, feeling compelled to fully describe and explain my thought processes.

In order to complete my bachelor's degree, I had to write 80 papers, 800+ pages for 10 classes, which really tested my metal...

My writing on Facebook, is what ultimately provided me the confidence that I may have the ability to write professionally...

I look forward to hearing from you, and exploring opportunities of mutually beneficial assignments.

'Til then, be well...




About 15 years ago, I had the opportunity to meet up with one of my shipmates that I hadn't seen for over 30 years, and his wife Karla... his last name is Haley, but goes by the nickname "Comet". In my Datebook Organizer, at the time, I had pictures of my dad and the one above of me in it, which I showed to Comet. Comet 'n Karla His comment, "The apple didn't fall very far from the tree, did it", referring to the pose in both pictures were very similar... To be noted, Vito USN I had not seen the Navy picture of my dad until after December 1998, which is when he passed away. And as indicated, "my" picture was taken in 1972...

"Just One More Thing..."
-Peter Falk, as Columbo

To let you know, the picture above of me with the Ben Stoddert, is very special to me, first because it's probably the only good picture of me, representing my Naval Service... Artist Jim Lamb And secondly, my friend Jim Lamb who was my midwatch shift partner, took that photograph. Other than his being my good friend, he happens to be a nationally known artist of more than 40 years.

The USPS has four of his paintings that were printed into a series of four stamps, and sold about 20 years ago. Additionally, he was invited to paint an Easter Egg for the Annual White House Easter Egg Hunt, again about 20 years ago.

Jim's skill and painting talent, allow him to paint photographic quality... His preferred painting method is "En Plein Air", French, which is outdoors and in an impressionistic style, that emphasizes light and color to express mood and or feeling, rather than accurate depiction of the subject... If you check out his website, you'll see that his paintings do accurately represent the subject matter...

I invite you to check out his website, you will not be disappointed...

Visit Jim Lamb's Studio

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