Tuskegee: Lt. Col. Robert Friend
"The Red Tails"

Lt. Col. Robert Friend, of the original Tuskegee Airmen, WWII, passed away Friday, June 21st 2019, at 99 years of age.

I believe it was for Veterans Day in November, that I made a post in FB saying how many wonderful vets that I have the opportunity, pleasure, and honor to speak to at the VA hospital in Long Beach.

I indicated at that time, one of those veterans was a Tuskegee Airman...

Yes, Robert Friend...

He was wearing a Tuskegee flight jacket, not the one he wore when he flew, but one that had the flight patches and the logo of Tuskegee on it.

I approached him, and asked if he were a Tuskegee pilot. He beamed ear-to-ear with a smile, that was certainly prideful which he had earned, and said yes.

I presented my right hand to him and told him, what a pleasure, privilege and honor it was to make his acquaintance, and thanked him for his service.

I introduced myself, and asked him his name, and he replied, Robert Friend, a name you're not likely to forget...

Robert, you have earned your Rest with our Savior, with the reuniting of your family and loved ones who have passed before you.

May you bask in God's Eternal Glory...


I should have said this previously, but that aircraft that he's sitting next to, is the actual plane that he flew in World War II. The female painted on the fuselage, is a depiction of his wife, which was also on that craft when he flew during World War II.

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