How Many Crumpets Does It Take
To Win The Heart Of A Lady?

(smiling, panning left to right, with a couple of nods)

Good morning ladies, and gentlemen... as I look around the room, it's so encouraging to see your eager, intelligent and smiling faces.

I'd like to thank "Equally Yoked" for asking me to speak to you this morning. I'm sure what I present to you will enlighten, uplift, and provide insight to help you make wise selections of people you want to date, tips to strengthen your relationships and to enjoy each other, and ultimately, to make a life with that person.

(continue smiling)

I'll provide you a little bit of humor, with good-natured "ribbing" about dating in general, and relationships.

(right hand cupped to ear, listening to a comment from the audience)

What's that?

How Many Crumpets Does It Take To Win The Heart Of A Lady?

What better way to get together with somebody in a low-key, relaxed setting, than having tea and crumpets in the morning... crumpets you know, are like English muffins; warm 'em up, put on some real butter to fill all the "nooks and crannies", add some preserves or jam... yummm... good get-to-know- ya conversation, Q&A, over crumpets in the morning.

(smiling, panning left to right, with a couple of nods)

What I'm going to share with you, the ladies already know all about this... trust me, they do. This information is for the gentlemenmen, information which you've heard before, you know all these things, you've just put them on the back burner of your mind, and don't exercise these very critical actions that you can share with young ladies to further the bond between you and allow them to be drawn to you.

After you've gotten to know a young lady in social situations, at work, or places of interest that you frequent, you can ask her out and then you can begin to exercise some of these tips.

You need to be careful, you do not want to come-on too strong until after you've developed a rapport with the lady and you feel that the two of you are beginning to share feelings for each other. You don't want to be leading someone on that you may not be interested in, because that would be very hurtful. Always be respectful of other people's feelings.


This is to give you an idea of my ability to prepare a speech...

I don't want to go into too much detail, as I believe I might have a potential book here...

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