My Love of Animals
"They Love You Unconditionally, Without Wavering..."

It's pretty much common knowledge that dogs and cats make wonderful pets, since so many people have them as such.

I once visited my brother Dave and his wife Marilyn many years ago, at her parents' farm in Idaho, and in the morning we went chorin', one chore of which was feeding the cows out in the pasture.

As we pulled up in the pickup truck carrying bales of hay, we offloaded the hay and spread it out for them, but what I noticed was these cows knew their handlers and came right up to them like they were good friends, as they began to eat. They responded every bit as much as a dog or cat would as a pet, and as a city boy, I thought that was amazing.

Since then, through the years, I've observed how different species of animals have interacted with humans and other animals, not necessarily of their kind, and my heart has been truly touched...

Shirley and Jenny... tugged at my heartstrings when learning of their story, where they were both in a circus together 22 years before, and were then separated for as much time. Shirley & Jenny Jenny was a baby, and years later when they were reunited at a reserve sanctuary, Shirley didn't recognize Jenny at first, but when she did, boy look out... check out their story and short video for the heartwarming details.

Jenny has since passed away on October 17, 2006, at the age of 34. Shirley celebrated her 70th birthday July 6th, 2018. This is Shirley's story.

Condor Returns To His Surrogate Father

Another touching story regarding the interaction of animals from the wild, and humans...

A baby condor chick was separated from its mother at a very young age, and it was apparent that the mother was not coming back for him. This gentleman raised the condor, until he was able to eat animal carcasses, and learned to fly and locate animal carcasses on his own.

When the condor began to fly, he would return every day. One day, he didn't return. The surrogate father felt the condor returned to the wild, where he belonged.

It was not long before the condor returned and was very affectionate Condor Love towards his surrogate father, with much appreciation and love for him.

It is said by the local people, that the Father Love condor returns frequently to visit his surrogate father, each time displaying great love and affection.

Condor Returns.

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