Android 'AndFTP' Start/Help
"No Muss, No Fuss..."

I recently started using AndFTP for uploading and downloading files from my Android device to my server.

I was not familiar with using AndFTP, and did not know how to use the features of it. The app had a Q&A page, which did not appear to have items for the specific needs I was looking for.

When I uploaded from my Android device, everything went to the root directory on my server, which didn't appear to be a problem. I tried moving the files using another file manager, but was having trouble doing so; apparently it did not like me using my smartphone to make the transfer to the specific folder I needed my files to be in on my server.

I spent a lot of time trying to finesse my files where I needed them to reside.

Long story short, I eventually figured out how to effect these movements into the proper folders using AndFTP.

Following are instructions that would be very helpful if AndFTP had a "Help" or "Start" button at the top of this application... it would save "New Users" a lot of time and frustration using this "Great Application"; yes, I'm using it very effectively now, and I love it!, with the ease of operation it affords me.

Credit, where credit is due...

I obtained AndFTP through Google Play, and I paid $4.99 for the professional version, so I don't have any ads and I have more features available than the free version. A bargain in, and of itself...

Android 'AndFTP' Start/Help
"No Muss, No Fuss..."

You get this screen when you first load AndFTP. Press '+' to add a server, you may have several servers with AndFTP. Long-Click/hold on the icon-folder, select edit to update your server's configuration; press 1x to enter server.

Pinch squeez-out image, to enlarge.

<img AndFTP Load

Four items you need to enter to configure AndFTP:

No other entries need be made to configure your server; allow the other defaults...

<img AndFTP Configure

After you enter the server, the below two screens will be presented and follow these instructions to find your way around:

This is the Server Screen, I like thinking it's the Left side:
<img AndFTP Server

To select your Android device, click on the icon that looks like a smartphone at the top.

This is the Android Screen, I like thinking it's the Right side:
<img AndFTP Android

To return to the server, click on the Server icon 1x, upper left-hand corner. If you click twice, it will take you out and reset the server, which is ok, no harm done.

The Key, the Heart, the Beauty of AndFTP...

First: Select your Android device, go to the folder with the files you want to upload.

Second: Return to the server by clicking the icon once. Wend your way to the specific folder you want to upload to.

Third: Return to the Android folder with the files you want to upload. Select the files by touching them and a check mark will appear; you may select files in different folders, as you change to different folders those files still remain selected and will upload when you press the Up Arrow.

Remember, all these files are going to go into the one folder on the server.

If you have files going into another folder on the server, you'll have to repeat the process by selecting which folder on the server to upload the additional files.

You may select "folders" to upload, but you have to finger-hold the folder for the check mark to appear.

Then, click the Upload Arrow at the top...

And, voila! It's that easy...

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